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the young and the old are right...i know because i feel it

for katiedollface

a bit of a collaboration...

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...and as for the young
and the old...or even the ones in between
we develop certain instincts
based on:
and a need for safety.

i remember my grandfather once told me that
i was not to argue or fight with my sister.

"once in mexico",
he said,
"a brother and a sister fought
and fought. all the people in the village
used to tell them not to fight,
and one day,
while fighting,
the earth just opened up
and swallowed them...took them away"

i stood there,
barely 6 years old,
and my heart pounding.

"i won't fight with my sister"
i said

and somewhere in me
was planted a seed
which directed much of my youthful life...

my grandmother
always made me feel safe though. when i acted out
she'd say,
"he's just a little boy...that's what boys DO!"

she'd hand me something good to eat
and send me on my way,
much to the displeasure of my older sister.

since those days,
old people have become a certain comforting mystery
to me. in fact,
i feel better in the company of old people
or children,
than regular adults...the marriage minded types
who terrify me to no end.

i think that the old and young are much alike. i feel
a certain comraderie with them...

they have little fear,
much love,
and long for a feeling of safety.

it's in the middle years
that life gets tricky. fear dictates most of our moves,

and we find ourselves
incessantly managing our lives
based on what we don't have
or what we might lose.

so make me young again...and if not,
please bring on the old age. i long for the feelings
i once had,

and i dream about the ones
i'll pass on to own
or others.

i suppose that will take a marriage though...and i'm
not very close to that sort of life.

but then again,
there IS this new one...polish girl
with the ass of an angel.

she's been asking me
if i can see myself with her for a long,
long time.

to this i smile,
as if i'm not going to answer...

but then
i chuckle and say,
"it certainly sounds intriguing...and there IS the matter
of your sweet ass"

she kisses me.

and for a few brief moments
we feel no fear...but we feel something
much closer to love.

i feel safe when she's in bed with me.

like this morning,
i drifted off to sleep
wondering what it would be like
to grow old,
holding on to that sweet ass...listening to that lovely accent.

young and old...

some moments with her,
i'm not sure which one of us
is which...

oh. and my grandfather was fighting.

there are so many other lovely things
to do.
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