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suffused with frigidity
her seclusion & lack of fluidity blur
black coffee & frozen windshields.
"yield through intersections, fog, & black ice-"
this is the kind of advice that divides sworn allies,
black ties & a brick laced skyline-
a horizon raped of definition & hue.
wear & tear your emotion along your jaw line,
reset your spine to pacific standard time &
bury your borderline paranoia in a heavy black coat
meant to denote an unsteadiness of bone & marrow,
the narrowing of time & somatic frame.
battling common sense &
an intense fear of weight gain,
she waits without aim &
plays civil war games
within her cell walls.
spread beneath a thin layer of skin & morality
mortality breaks us down in the end.
she bends light to suspend her fear of heights,
& a forceful retching of cognition
that despite it's promise of volition
only violates her line of sight &
human rite to love, liberty, and a fulfilling life.
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