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fashion photography, art, and prose
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mode19 was created with several things in mind: fashion photography, prose, & art appreciation. as of 06/16/05 (the date of creation) this will be a moderated community. this is not a rating community, however.

your mod(s):

all posts are screned, but dont worry. we're not elitist here. creative criticism is encouraged. however, if your comment is overtly "mean & personally insulting" you will be warned (first offense), and then removed from the community (any subsequent offenses).

if you wish to join this community, you can. we have moderated membership, but i can only remmeber having rejected 4 or 5 people of the hundred and something members we currently have. the only thing we ask is that you either comment, or post on a regular basis. your posts can include any of the following:

01. prose
02. fashion photography (original)
03. fashion photography (professional, cite photographer & please no copyrighted material)
04. poetry
05. spoken word
06. short stories
07. photography (any, but be warned--- i am somewhat elitist when it comes to photography)
08. (photos of) works of art, any medium
09. quotations you find particularly profound (again, cite the author & please, if you're going to do this make them good).
10. let me know if there's anything i'm forgetting.

adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, art, art & music, art appreciation, arts & crafts, aubergine mountains, balance (life's meaning), between broken ribs, black&white, breaking tradition, chalk, charcoal, colored pencils, confessions, conscious, crafts, daily thoughts, darkrooms, developing, doubt, envelopes, family, fashion, foreign language, forgiveness, french culture, friendship, guilt, heartbeats in fingertips, i secretly invented god, incredible colors, inner thoughts, lomography, love & warfare, loveletters never sent, miasmatic smoke, misunderstanding, modeling, models, multifaceted emotion, music, notepad, notes, old-fashioned, paint, pen and paper, pencil and paper, photography, photoshop 7, photoshop brushes, poetry, polaroids, politics, portraiture, post-its, prose, rural photography, rushed & red, sea-salt sweat, self-portraits, shades of gray, she feels so young, shotgun eyes, sour satsumas, street photography, subconscious, teeth breaking teeth, theory, thoughts, time flows always, urban photography, vogue, w, watercolor pencils