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mod post--- RESPOND!!!

despite this community having over 100 members, posting is very scarce. i find myself distressed & often confused by this fact. are you out there? is anyone? as co-moderator and creator of this community i feel obligated to either close it down, or somehow increase the number of posting members. i'll be the first to admit that my posting is far from reliable or regular, but is it really so much to ask that once every day (or every few) someone posts something? what do you all think? i do hope you care enough to respond to this post.
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Hey, I am here and I will start posting some of my photographic work here in the next few days. All the models in MI are currently hibernating, so I will show some of my work here as soon as I finish editing images for submission to a few contest. I really like the idea behind this community and am quite sorry I have not participated more to date.
-Kevin the verbose
i'll put up a link in laceandflora,
right now they have a theme where people
post poems, quotes and photos and
everyone seems to love this month's theme,
so it might interest some people.

do we have any banners?
there are a few in the user info, yes. and thank you!
i'll get on it!
if promos are allowed there,
but im sure they are.
Your Co-Mod agrees absolutely. (And I know, I should post more often as well)
i just dont know what we're going to do here. i think this is a GREAT idea for a community, but if our members are greatly unresponsive i dont know WHAT it is we can do. any ideas? maybe we should scrap the current members list and re-start looking for a new bunch (of members more willing to post). this isn't a critique community. it's for sharing, you know? and sure, if we deam something COMPLETELY subpar we'll reject it, but of the posts we've had i can only remember now allowing a couple.
Hey I just joined and i will definitley post some stuff soon:)
we're all looking forward to it.
hi I just joined this looks like my favorite kind of community- all those pretty and artsy.
i'll start posting soon
and a suggestion for giving people inspiration is maybe doing a theme, like laceandflora is doing right now.
that's an AMAZING idea! i'll try getting something together soon, and we can try it out. i'm looking forward to your posting.
oooh, that's a good idea!
i'm out there ! :D
good to know... please read this post---> http://www.livejournal.com/community/mode19/38485.html#comments, and comment there.